Non – bank loan without a work card

In today’s society there are many opportunities for development. On all sides. But there are just as many grounds for discrimination. And the field of work is no exception. On the contrary, there are the most important differences. see for further notes

Whether it is a person who did not have favorable circumstances to complete his studies, or that we are talking about a valuable person in a company – but who is not allowed to speak – unfortunately the differences are visible. From 7 mails, as we say.

However, referring especially to the first case (people who, for various reasons – material most of the time – failed to complete their studies) the labor force system applies drastic measures. And the most common measure, but also the one that affects the most plentiful years of retirement and not only, is employment without a work card. Black, as we are accustomed to calling this procedure. We know well what is the rule: you work for a patron, you have a monthly salary (your luck), but there is no evidence to prove this. The most painful part is that your employer can fire you at any time without the right to notice. But not just that. Black work also has a huge disadvantage – there is no payment made by the patron to the health or pension system for the welfare of the employee.

Emergency – no workbook

And the consequences are seen in the case of a major emergency, such as inappropriate hospitalization or who knows what natural disasters. These are just two of the cases in which you have a health insurance (not to mention the life!) And a salary leaflet could have escaped you many shortcomings. Especially in our country, where there is not much milk and honey flowing and we have to pay exorbitant amounts for surgery or, even more unpleasant, to pay a damn fine if it is discovered that we do not have a work card (yes, you have read correctly – and the employee is liable to fine, not just the employer, because the employee is considered an accomplice to an injustice against the state).

Not to mention the situation where you need a credit. No banking institution grants a loan without an income certificate. In another form, if there is no proof of a stable income, to certain standards (ie by presenting a valid document), the chances of submitting a claim file are void.

The real problem of the impossibility of making a loan is when we are in a critical situation (life and death). Banks do not pay attention and hospitals are asking for money. And we are in a deadlock that seems out of the question.

Can I get a loan without an income certificate?

Can I get a loan without an income certificate?

Knowing the requirements of a request made to a banking financial institution, we certainly do not think there are other possibilities to get a quick loan. Everyone talks about loans to banks, and we find it most normal to want the same thing. Because the situation is well presented and accepted on a large scale.

This article, therefore, comes to your aid to show you the existence of a viable and very favorable solution for people who are in a situation of working without a work card, but they need a quick loan to manage a delicate situation. Not only is this solution real and has nothing to do with illegality (it is even approved by the country’s supreme banking institution), but it is very easy to approach and many acts are not necessary. And the employee’s certificate may be missing altogether, not representing an elimination criterion of eligibility.

First of all, it should be specified and understood very well that these institutions referred to below are referred to as non-banking financial institutions (in short IFNs) . They have no connection with the banks, they are stand-alone entities and are closely monitored by the authorities, precisely to avoid tax irregularities, but they have autonomy with regard to the rules applied and the criteria for granting the loan.

The differences between non-banking financial institutions and financial institutions

As mentioned above, these institutions present a number of major differentiation criteria for banking institutions as regards how to grant a quick loan. And because transparency is one of the principles we rely on when an article is presented, we list the most important aspects below:

  • Non-bank financial institutions do not require guarantees or guarantors ;
  • The repayment period of the loan is much shorter, often a few weeks or months; you will encounter very few such institutions that will lend long-term loans ;
  • Due to the above mentioned point (and in relation to it), the amounts granted are also much lower;
  • The confidentiality policy that these institutions apply is a major point of differentiation from banks.


To help you further, I’ve listed below a list of the most important eligibility criteria for these non-bank financial institutions. Consequently, here are the conditions for placing an application guaranteeing your approval of such a non-manual loan:

  • Fulfill minimum age requirements – 18 or 20 years, depending on the rules of each institution;
  • Be a Romanian citizen with a stable residence in Romania;
  • The identity card is valid;
  • Fill in all the details very accurately so that you are not subject to any unclear situation or that you can not take possession of the money due to the fact that you can not be contacted;
  • Have a personal and valid email address for further communications with the non-banking financial institution;
  • Have a minimum monthly income, irrespective of its provenance (including copyright income).


Technology and steps needed to get this quick loan without an income certificate

Well, now that we have discovered the criteria that guarantee the approval of such a loan, especially if there is no income certificate, we think it is time to expose the application methodology for it.

But before, let’s learn a bit about the technology used by non-banking financial institutions.

Due to the constant evolution of on-line transactions, non-banking financial institutions have chosen this as an extra differentiation from the banking financial institutions. Consequently, while for filing a credit application file we have to go to the bank that we have chosen as a creditor when it comes to non-bank financial institutions, transactions can take place 100% on-line. Including the presentation of the necessary act / documents can be done as such.

The people behind these institutions have understood both the high degree of comfort and the importance of the time they have gained by implementing these IT systems. Moreover, they come to applicants with dedicated platforms, specially designed to make the most of these urgent needs procedures.

Thus, all physical forms have been replaced with the option of filling in fields and, once the application is approved, including the contract between the parties is sent by e-mail. Thus, in addition to the benefits mentioned above (time and comfort), paper consumption is also released. At the same time, if there is an open bank account on behalf of the applicant (a condition that is not imperative for all non-bank financial institutions) and the money transfer requested will also be made through on-line applications, and this procedure facilitates rapid transfers.

When it comes to the steps required for implementation, the most important step is to market the market, to make a decision after consulting all the options available. Once you’ve found your favorite (and most suited) choice, the next important step is to carefully read all the information you’ve been exposed to. Even if this step involves a short extra time, it avoids any concerns and actions associated with it. If there is the slightest hint of blurring, it is advisable to call a consultant by phone.

Once you’ve made sure that all the information you collect is well-perceived, the final step is to complete the form and submit it for analysis along with a copy of the ID. After successfully passing the request, many of these non-bank financial institutions provide the answer within minutes, up to several hours. And the money is transferred as soon as the application is approved.

Plus and minus a non-bank loan

Plus and minus a non-bank loan

Referring again to the situation where there is no income statement, as can be seen from the above, it is not necessary either. As long as it can be proven otherwise that there is a minimum monthly income (irrespective of its source), non-banking financial institutions do not perceive this as an impediment.

However, we need to mention the pluses and minuses of a quick non-bank loan. So you will find all these aspects listed below.


Here are the strengths of such a loan without an income certificate:

  • The source of the minimum monthly income does not matter, as long as it exists;
  • Warranties or guarantors / co-debtors are not required;
  • There is no need to justify the use of borrowed funds;
  • All commissions and interest are out of sight;
  • The minimum amount granted (depending on the policy of each non-bank institution in part) starts at RON 100;
  • There are no commissions or other charges related to the early repayment;
  • Both the repayment period and the associated rate can be decided by mutual agreement so that the main decision maker is the applicant;
  • Even though there have been litigations with financial institutions in the past (making it possible to register with the Credit Bureau), you are eligible for a non-bank loan;
  • The time of analysis and approval of the file, as well as the transfer of funds, is often less than 24 hours, so they are fast-paced loans .


The lessons of these types of non-bank loans are as follows:

  • The amounts granted by non-bank financial institutions are considerably lower than those offered by banks (90% of the maximum amount is up to 5000 RON);
  • Even if some institutions grant a minimum of $ 100, research should be done very thoroughly, as there are institutions that do not lend quickly less than 500-700 RON;
  • The repayment period usually does not exceed several months;
  • Penalties applied in case of late payments reach up to 3% per day;
  • Interest rates can reach up to 1.2% per day (unless an institution offering the first zero interest loan has been opted out);
  • The DAE (Annual Efficiency) rate can also reach 9000%.


Considering all of the above, it should be understood that the terms agreed with non-bank financial institutions should be respected in order to avoid paying large amounts of money that you could use for something else. Making a thorough calculation in advance is a good approach as it relieves you of asking for a higher amount than required and the impossibility of honoring the payment agreement.

Consequently, this article would like to draw attention not only to the chances of taking a loan without a certificate of income, but also to your rights as human beings, first of all. Even if the standard of living did not allow you to accumulate the necessary diplomas to work in a decent work environment, this does not mean that employers have the right to walk your fundamental right – to ensure decent living and help in case of medical needs.

Unfortunately, as long as we accept to be treated with disrespect, nothing will change in the current system of illicit labor. The fear that we will not have what the family puts on the table tomorrow is far too high, compared to that courage to defend our rights. Because we’re accustomed to not listen to anyone.

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